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How To Beat The Bloat

#AskaNaturopath- How to get rid of Bloating!

Firstly, bloating after every meal isn't normal! It's a sign that there is something going on in your digestive system and it's your body's way of trying to make you pay attention! There are lots of reasons why you might get boated- each person is different. However, try these basic tips first: ⭐️Take a probiotic- We have millions of healthy bacteria or ‘probiotics’ in our digestive system. Their main job is to breakdown food for us, but they also help absorb the nutrients from our food. Stress, antibiotics, daily medications like the pill etc, and a high sugar diet kill probiotics. So instead of having 100 probiotics to break down our food, we only have 10. The process takes 10 times as long, which means, food is sitting in our digestive system 10 times longer than it should be! This causes food to rot in our intestines and this rotting food produces gas. This gas fills up in our digestive system- i.e. BLOATING! I recommend this Probiotic to all of my clients, it's only €13 and you can buy it from my clinic here! ⭐️Reduce Wheat and Dairy- from my experience these are by far the worst culprits! Wheat and dairy are hard to digest for most people- even those with amazing probiotic health! Pick up dairy alternatives like nut milks and wheat alternatives like spelt, rye, corn, oats, rice- there is so much to choose from! You don't need to cut it out completely but count how many times in a day wheat or dairy creeps in to your diet! ⭐️Dont drink with your meals as it dilutes our stomach acid needed for digestion. This is simple yet very effective. Drink before or after your meals instead! If you have tried all of these but are still struggling then why not get a food intolerance test to find out exactly what the problem is. I offer intolerance testing in my clinic or you can do it yourself at home! See more details here.


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