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Sex Drive & Hormonal Birth Control

Out of all the side effects of hormonal birth control this is by far the most ironic one; most people are on it for contraceptive reasons and yet, no one is having sex! Testosterone is one of the main hormones that boots sex drive (libido)- and as I discussed in previous blog posts, the pill switches off your hormones. No testosterone = Low sex drive. (Another side affect of low testosterone is vaginal dryness + less feelings of arousal ) Not only that, but ovulation causes a natural rise in sex drive. Hormonal birth control, though, works by preventing ovulation. The most important thing to note here is that if you are someone who went on the pill at 16/17 and now in their late 20’s and think that they have low libido - how do you even know what is normal for you? As a teenager, libido probably wasn’t something you even thought about! So instead of you worrying that there is something wrong with you, perhaps it’s something to do with the hormonal drug you are on. Lastly, libido is not just sex drive: it’s vitality for life, motivation and drive. If you google sex drive you will lots of sex boosting foods + supplements and no doubt I could come on and talk about an amazing supplement for libido and direct you to my online shop, but if you are on birth control and suffering with this, the chances are that foods won’t make a massive difference! So don’t fall into the money trap of buying unnecessary supplements 💰

❌Disclaimer; I’m not trying to fear monger about hormonal birth control, but rather this post is to spread awareness and let women know that is NORMAL to feel like this and more importantly understand what is going on inside their body! I would say 6/10 women tick ‘low libdo’ on my consultation sheet. No one is talking about it, yet most people are feeling it!! ❤️



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