Food Detective Test with Consultation


Clients have the option to carry out the naturopathic nutritional consultation in the clinic or from the comfort of their own home via skype or by phone call.


Skype/Phone Consultation

After payment your test kit will be sent out in the Post. Simply take a finger prick blood sample and send it back to us. Your results will be sent via email/phone within 48 hours of receiving the test back.


The Food Detective™ Intolerance Test


  • Completely Painless

The test is carried out using a finger prick blood sample. There are no needles involved, just a simple pinprick to the skin! ​


  • Instant Results

Test results back within 40 minutes- unlike other tests which could take up to 2 weeks! Your results will be sent out via email within 48 hours of receiving it back in the post. 

  • 60 Foods Tested

The most common foods tested, including gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, eggs, meat, fish and all grains. See full list.

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