Naturopathic Nutrition Consultation

It is essential that you feel confident that we can work together to achieve your goal. Whether that is to lose weight, improve your health, increase your energy levels or identify food intolerances. This is why I offer a free 15 minute phone call to anyone interested in learning more. 

So please do take this opportunity to have a chat and find out if we could work well together. There is absolutely no obligation to book a further consultation. 

What Happens at a Consultation?

Each client will be sent a detailed consultation sheet for them to bring with them filled in. This will be sent out at-least 24 hours before the consultation. Or you can download the consultation sheet here.


The Naturopathic Nutrition consultation takes an in dept look in to your past health history as well as current symptoms. It allows me to get to the root of exactly what is causing your problems and most importantly, put a personalised healing plan in place- specifically for you!


I also use the consultation as an education tool for you- I try to (finally) explain exactly what is going on in your body and how to fix it. When you understand it why you are eating/avoiding a certain food, it becomes a lot easier to follow!

'Health is not just the absence of disease' 

My goal is to keep it as simple as possible, so that you can keep it up long term. I want you to feel healthy everyday and not just for the few weeks that you are following my plan. I want you to use nutrition and the tips that I teach you as preventive medicine. 

Your Personalised Plan

You will leave with a tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan consisting of (if needed);

  • Personalised Nutrition Plan

  • Elimination diet support and guidelines

  • Meal examples

  • Personlaised Herbal Tonic (we stock 250+ herbs in the clinic)

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Exercise recommendations

  • Lifestyle recommendations- sleep, stress, cooking tips etc. 

Both the supplements and the herbal tonic are stocked in the clinic and can be purchased at the end of your consultation.

Follow Up

Recommended 4 weeks after initial consultation to review progress and discuss any adjustments that may be needed. For more complex cases, more than one follow up may be required. However, it is my goal to educate you so that you can continue on the plan long after you have been with me!


Please go to our booking online to make an appointment. You have the option to come in to the clinic or you can book in for an online consultation. This is done via Zoom or Whatsapp video. A consultation sheet will be sent to you at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

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