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The Team

Pracitioners at Aok Nutrition

Aisling Fox

Founder & CEO, Nutritonal Therapist,

Registered Herbalist, Naturopath

Dip NT, m(NTOI), Dip Herbalist, Dip Naturopathy

Aisling specialises in Womens Health and fertiliity. However, she would see clients from a range of different issues from poor immune system to stress to gut issues.

Consultations with Aisling

  • Womens Health 

  • Gut Health 

  • Male Fertiity 

  • Couples Fertility 

  • General Health

  • Personailsed Herbal Tonic 

Aisling's booking are currently closed for new clients until Summer 2024 due to Maternity leave.

Catriona Leen

Womens Health + Fertility Nutritional Therapist

Dip NT, mNTOI.

Catriona's Specialties​ + Areas of Passion

  • Womens Health 

  • Fertility support

  • IVF, IUI


Consultations with Catriona

  • Womens Health

  • Womens Fertility + Pregnancy

  • Male Fertiity 

  • Couples Fertility 


Claire OBrien 2.jpg
Claire OBrien 2.jpg

Claire O Brien

Gut Health Nutritional Therapist, Functional medicine trained, accrediated coach.

Dip NT m(NTOI)

Claire is a functional medicine nutritional therapist, a graduate of CNM and a qualified coach and meditation teacher.

Claire's Specialties​ + Areas of Passion

  • Chronic health complaints

  • Energy issues (chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia)

  • Gut health + digestion

  • Functional Testing

Claire assists our clients with functional (lab) testing to find the root cause of chronic digestive issues, these include food intolerance and allergy testing, SIBO, H. Pylori and other gut health testing. 

Consultations with Claire

  • Advanced Gut Support Consultation (chronic gut issues)

  • Gut Support Consultation

  • Food Intolerance Test + Consultation

Rachael Jordan 

BSc Nutritional Therapy,  Registered Herbalist

Rachael has a BSc in Nutritional Therapy & is a Registered Herbalist with a passion for gut health and natural approaches to healing.

Rachael's Specialties​ + Areas of Passion

  • Womens Health issues (hormonal imbalances

Consultations with Rachael

  • Womens Health

  • Personailsed Herbal Tonic

  • Holistic health


Breath of Life Clinic

Breath of Life clinic is our partner clinic, owned by Roisin O Kelly. Roisin is a registered herbaist, naturopath and also worked as childrens nurse and midwife before changing carrers. 

Roisin has over 30 years of clinical experience.

Roisin's Specialties​ + Areas of Passion

  • Womens + Mens Fertility

  • Menopause 

  • Children's complaints

  • General Health + Wellness

Book via Breath of Life Website
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