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Spilling The Tea on Hormonal Acne

Spilling The Tea on Hormonal Acne

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I have worked with hundreds of women with hormonal issues - including skin, over the past 4 years and I created this Ebook to share my knowledge with you - my goal is always to educate people, so that the power is in your hands!


❤️What topics will be covered in this 26 page EBook?


✨Understanding hormones: how your cycle works

✨Breakouts around your period; everything you need to know to support your hormones

✨Post Pill Acne - tips and tricks when coming off birth control

✨Gut health - why it's key for healthy skin

✨ Face mapping


✨Blood testing - what to ask for and when you might need it

✨Lifestyle tips - How to help your skin from the outside in.

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