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Invisalign Update Part 3; The Results

So it's been 8 months since I last did an update... initially I thought I would be doing them every few months, but to be honest; once you get used to it, Invisalign becomes a part of your daily life! Nothing really changes day-to day.

Aligner 20/20

I had 20 aligners, which I changed every 10 days, this brought me up to mid-February. By this stage my teeth were straight but I had a few gaps in them from where they were filed down to make space for movement. I went back in to O'Neill dental and they took new molds of my teeth, these were sent off to Invisalign HQ to get more trays made, aka: refinement trays. I also got all of my buttons/attachments off today!

My Teeth before Refinements

I had to wear my final set of aligners for 5 weeks while I waited for my new trays to be made. And to be honest they drove me crazzzzzy!!! I am so particular with keeping them clean; I NEVER drink ANYTHING besides water* with them in but regardless wearing them for that long, they naturally get a bit grubby. So I was very surprised when I went back and my dentist, Eoin, commented on how clean they were... I can't imagine some of the trays he sees, ha ha!

*and alcohol; but I drink Bacardi & soda, so technically that's just water ;)

You can't see the gaps with your trays in- so don't worry!

You can't see the gaps with your trays in (see above) so don't worry!

The Refinements

There are only 5 times over the whole 10 months where I was in enough pain to take pain killers; the first refinement tray being one of them! I think it was my teeth moving combined with forgetting what the movement feels like- it had been nearly 7 weeks after all (with Invisalign you get used to the dull ache and sensitive teeth for the first 48 hours when you switch to a new tray!).

I got 7 refinement trays and x3 'just in case' trays that I didn't end up needing; the first one pretty much fixed all of my gaps completely! I could have happily finished up my treatment then. This is one of the reasons why I am SO happy I went to O Neill Dental- Eoin is a perfectionist! The other 6 trays were to prefect my bite. One thing about Invisalign is that you become obsessed with teeth, ha ha! I wanted to use the last 3 'just in case' trays just for the sake of it but Eoin assured me it would be overkill!

There was also a TINY bit of filing needed to make space for movement and I had to get 2 buttons on one of my lower teeth to create pressure for movement too.

Filing, Fixing and Perfecting

I had two chipped teeth that needed fixing- this isn't part of what you pay for with Invisalign, but I figured I might as well make them perfect; €200 extra isn't much in the grand scheme of things! (Both in comparison to how much you have already spent and how good it will make you feel...)

Again, Eoin's perfectionism stepped in and he spent the guts of an hour fixing the chips and then smoothing down the rest of my teeth to make them look perfect!

I also got a permanent retainer fitted* on the back of my top and bottom teeth; it's just a small metal bar that is held in place with what reminds me off really hard, old chewing gum haha! I'm not gonna lie, it took me a good week to get used to them. The best way to describe them is, imagine you stuck chewing gum behind your top and bottom teeth- WHILE eating...! My teeth were also quite tender for a few days which was unexpected- but I guess they were getting used to the retainer! It's 12 days since I got that fitted and I am 100% confident that I can live happily ever after with them now.

*The bar retainer isn't included in Invisalign price. I paid €300 in total for it. In my opinion I don't know why ANYONE would opt not to get it!

I also got fitted for my forever retainer that I wear every night. This is included in what you pay for.

The Results

So 10 months later and I'm done! It is recommended that you wear your retainer all of the time for 3 months and then every night forever! I also got at home professional teeth whitening too.... which I might do a post on it.. If you would like that let me know!

Over all I spent the guts of 5K and to be honest it's the best money I've ever spent! I say this all of the time but if you are thinking of getting them then STOP putting it off! This time a year ago I had not even started yet...

If you live in Dublin O'Neill Dental have €250 off at the moment; so definitely take advantage and book in for your initial consultation with them- it's free!

If you have any Q's let me know,

Ash xxx

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