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Urinary Tract Infections



Burning + pain with urination,

Cloudy urine

Muscle aches + pain

Strong urge to urinate but not feeling satisfied afterwards UTI’s are caused by bacteria - the most common is e.coli which is found in the digestive system. The medical treatment is antibiotics. While in some cases antibiotics are completely necessary (if a UTI travels up and causes a kidney infection), for a lot of people, antibiotics don’t work long term! So what can we do? Our approach is to treat it from the inside out. We all know about our healthy gut bacteria. Well we have healthy vaginal bacteria too; and just like our gut, these guys are hugely affected by antibiotics. We need a balance of the good guys to fight off the bad guys. Yes, antibiotics kill the bad bacteria but also kill the good guys too, so there is nothing stopping e.coli and other bacteria’s from replicating again. (This is why so many people get thrush or UTI’s after an antibiotic) ➡️These bacteria feed on sugar - it literally keeps them alive! Not just obvious sugar like chocolate and sweets etc; Alcohol, white carbs like pasta and bread, dried fruit and fizzy drinks will also feed them. Step 1 is to cut out sugar (as best you can!) ➡️Organic 100% cranberry juice ONLY! Cranberry stops the bacteria from sticking to the walls of our bladder. However, AVOID carton cranberry juice from a supermarket. These are PACKED with sugar and you are literally doing the complete opposite to what you want to happen! Biona is a good brand you will find in health shops. I recommend using it like a dilutable drink and mixing it with water, sipping on it throughout the day. ➡️Take a probiotic. This is SO IMPORTANT!! You need to help your body kill off the bad guys by increasing the good guys! I use Merlak in my clinic - there are loads of brads out there but I love this one. You can buy merlak here ➡️Vitamin C (not the dissolvable one that is sweet). I use vitamin C for anyone with anyone with UTI’s. You can buy Vitamin C here ➡️Herbs like arctostaphylos uva-ursi, agropyrons, echinacea, buchu are great too. I am very lucky that I have access to a full herbal clinic in my practice. These herbs are amazing for treating UTI's!

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