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Cold Sore Fighting Tips

#AskANaturopath- Cold Sore Fighting Tips!

Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus- the worst part is you'll either get them or you won't! And once you have them you will always carry the virus and you can't actually get rid of them for good. :( However there are a few things you can do to stop you from getting them and clear them up quickly if one rears it's ugly head!

Cold sore fighting tips ⭐️L Lysine. I can't stress how good this is! It's cheap and you will get it in any pharmacy. Lysine is actually found in foods that have protein (most of them!) so it's completely natural and no harm in supplementing it! It basically stops herpes from replicating. •1000mg daily to prevent cold sores •1000mg with every meal if you have a cold sore ⭐️Avoid chocolate 😱 and nuts if you have a cold sore. These contain Arginine which works the opposite to lysine and feeds herpes! ⭐️Tea tree oil: apply to cold sore with a cotton bud a few times per day. It will kill the virus!(just don't get it in your mouth!!)


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