My go to Supplements for PMS, Anxiety & Low Energy

Two words; energy & stress!

B vitamins are magic little supplements and my go to if I’m ever feeling tired, anxious or stressed out!

I also find this brand particularly good for PMT has they have added magnesium which is brill for cramps and mood.

They are really important for your nervous system- that jittery hangover shakes you get after a night out is often due to lack of B vitamins.

If you are like me and really hate the dark winter days I find B Vits + Vit D great for boosting my mood!

This brand also contains the RDA of folic acid for pregnancy and I generally recommend that it’s better to take folic acid with the other B vitamins to help with absorption (or you could take methylfolate on its own, which the best form to take to maximise absorption).

I stock B Complex on my website here but a good health shop should have them too.

Supplements in the post:


If you need a little more personalised advice on this, don’t be afraid to get in touch! I also have an online Seminar 'Making Up With Your Hormones' and I chat all things periods + PMS in this. ❤️



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