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Why I Love Chaste Berry for Hormones

My last post was about Hypothalamic amenorrhea- this is the loss of your period when all other medical diagnoses are ruled out (PCOS, high prolactin, thyroid) and its usually in response to stress on the body.

Chaste Berry/ Vitex Agnus castus (lots of names for this) is the main supplement that I would use with clients with Hypothalamic amenorrhea and also pre menstrual tension.

It’s an amazing little herb that works by:

  • Protecting your (pituitary gland) brain from stress.

  • Prevents over production of prolactin levels- high prolactin can prevent ovulation.

  • Increases luteinizing hormone - this is the hormone that triggers ovulation.

  • Supports progesterone production in the luteal phase of your cycle (second half of cycle after you ovulate)

It’s also my go to for PMT and even for irregular cycles too.

Herbs are so powerful- so it’s very important that they are taken the right way!

For Hypothalamic amenorrhea/Loss of periods

  • 30 drops first thing in the morning in a small glass of water for 25 days on and then 5 days break for maximum 6 months or until the period arrives.

For PMT + short cycles

  • 30 drops first thing in the morning in a small glass of water from day 14 - day 28 of the cycle.

Lastly, I’ve seen a lot of people take this the wrong way- or worse people with PCOS taking it (unfortunately it’s not recommend for most people with PCOS). So make sure to get advice on it first!

Most of the time LH will be high in women with PCOS and as chaste berry increases LH, this would be contraindicated.

LH will always be low in Hypothalamic amenorrhea.

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