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ZINC- one of my the most AMAZING supplements for;

Hormonal issues- specifically acne, PCOS, hair loss and painful periods.

White spots on your finger nails (yes it’s zinc not calcium!)

Poor immune system

Hair loss and skin problems are some of the indicators of zinc deficiency

It also helps with taste - if you are a salt FIEND or always need sauces etc as food tastes so bland, you may be low in zinc!

Red meat and shellfish are the best sources of zinc, then nuts, seeds and legumes (but these are harder to absorb).

The pill reduces zinc absorption- so a really common thing that I see is that acne flares up after coming off the pill and this is due to both the surge in androgens and also lack of zinc! In my opinion anyone on the pill should be supplementing for zinc.

So why do I love zinc so much? WELL...

It nourishes the eggs in our ovaries which promotes ovulation

It blocks the male hormones which are usually the culprit for PCOS, hair growth + acne

It also reduces oil/keratin production - I find it great for oily skin!

It helps the body regulate stress in the brain.

You can safely take 30 mg long-term. I usually recommend taking it for 3 months for hormonal issues as it takes approx 100 days for our eggs in our ovaries to develop. Happy eggs full of zinc = happy body and good hormone production. 🙂

Lastly, the best time to take zinc is after food or going to bed. As it’s a mineral it can cause nausea if taken on an empty stomach! (I took it in the mornings with no breakfast for a week before I knew this and I genuinely thought I had morning sickness 😅)

The BioCare ltd one in the picture is on my website shop here and it’s less than €10!

❌DISCLAIMER- I give zinc ALONGSIDE nutritional support + lifestyle changes. Like any supplements it’s not magic and works in conjunction with everything else 👌



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