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Birth Control: Do You Know How Yours Works?

Do you know how your birth control works?

Does it stop ovulation?

Does it thin the uterine lining + change mucus so you don’t any any bleed each month?

Is the bleed that you get a real period?

Don't worry, I made this handy little chart to help you understand!

A common question I always get when chatting about birth control is, ‘When will I get my period back?’ (aka when will ovulation kick back in)

I wish I had a definitive answer for this but unfortunately, it is one those things in life that you can't predict ahead of time.

However, in my experience, women who are on birth control just as contraceptive, get their period back much quicker than someone who is on birth control to ‘regulate their cycle’ or for other hormonal issues. I have also seen that women have a harder time if they started on birth control very young.

And according to the British Medical Journal, fertility can take up to 8 months to return, depending on type of contraception;

  • 5-8 months for Depo injection

  • 4 months for the patch

  • 3 months for the pill + vaginal rings

  • 2 months for hormonal IUD’s and implants .

So, the key here is to be patient!

I recommend avoiding any supplements or herbs that influence hormones + ovulation for at least 3 months post contraception. It’s important to give your own body a chance to kick back into action on it’s own first.

I would love to hear your experiences below - how long did it take you to get your period back after birth control?

I have talked through this topic on my Instagram and you can find the videos on my 'Birth Control' highlight here.

If you would love to come off birth control but you are afraid that you will suffer with hormonal issues, I cover what to expect and how to get your body prepared in my online seminar, Breaking Up With Birth Control! ❤️

If you need a little more personalised advice on this, don’t be afraid to get in touch!


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