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4 Things Every Woman Should Know About The Pill

You might think that I talk a lot here about the (mostly bad) side affects of birth control but in all honesty I also think it’s amazing that we can take charge of our sexual health.

With that being said there are few very important things to note: .

1. The pill does not regulate or bring back periods.

2.The pill works by shutting off our hormones and stopping ovulation.

3.The bleed that you get on the pill is not a real period - it’s a side affect from a withdrawal in stopping the pill for a few days, causing the uterine lining to shed (which has been made due to the synthetic form of estrogen in the pill) .

4.The pill is not a treatment. I’m getting so tired/annoying/fed up of seeing women put on the pill to either ‘regulate’ their cycle, help acne, reduce heavy bleeding or pain - yes the pill works. But for the majority of women, only for as long as you are taking it! It masks symptoms, it doesn’t cure them!

We need to start looking in to these issues at the start. . I have a video saved on my instagram highlights talking about the pro’s and cons of the different birth control available, so you can make an informed decision on what suits you, you can find it here.


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