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Why Having A Monthly Period is Important

Over the past few months I have seen more and more women come in to me who are trying to bring their natural cycle back.

Remember that the bleed you get on the pill is NOT a real cycle and therefore not a real period.

It’s so also really important to remember that pregnancy is not the only reason why we need a period - you have no idea the amount of clients who’s GP have said ‘if you don’t want to have a baby at the moment, then why does it matter you have no periods’ 🤯.

They are completely missing the bigger picture - It’s not about the period, it’s what comes before our period - Ovulation!

Remember this the next time you are offered the pill to ‘bring on’ your periods. The pill works by stopping ovulation, yes you will get a fake bleed but you won’t be making your own hormones).

Ovulation is not just about making a baby! It’s about making our oestrogen and progesterone, two amazing hormones that influence so many different aspects of our body from energy to mood to sex drive even to bone health. THIS is why we want a period. In most cases period = ovulation .

So why have you lost your periods?

Some of the most common reasons I see in the clinic are

If you need a little more personalised advice on this, don’t be afraid to get in touch! ❤️

If you would love to come off the pill but you are afraid that you will suffer with hormonal issues, I cover what to expect and how to get your body prepared in my online seminar, Breaking Up With Birth Control! ❤️

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