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The Four Types of PCOS

We know that high testosterone is the cause of PCOS - but WHY is your testosterone high?

What is the root cause?

I see so many women in my clinic with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) - all completely different.

Some are overweight, some are very fit and have never struggled with their weight.

Some were put on the pill at 16 to ‘regulate’ their periods and others had normal periods their whole life and they only became irregular in recent years or after they stopped the pill.

Some suffer with acne, while others have perfect skin... there was never any one person the exactly the same...

How could one diagnosis be so different!?

Then I came across Lara Briden and finally it made sense!

There are (at least) x4 different drivers/ root causes of PCOS - which means there is x4 differing protocols to help treat the underlining issue.

Lara’s brilliant flow chart below may help you figure out your root cause.

If you have PCOS I would highly highly recommend that you buy her book ‘Period repair Manual’ - it’s eye opening and very educational. Literally everything that you need to know about your hormones and how to support them. My jaw was on the floor when I first read it and it’s been the foundation of how I came to understand hormones so well!


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