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Hangover Cures

•H A N G O V E R S•

#AskANaturopath Hangover Cures!

As someone who has lost weeks of their life due to hangovers I promise these tips work 👌 Some people can break down toxins better than others, it's all down to our liver function- this is why your boyfriend is fine the next day, while you are dying in a dark room all day 😂 ⭐️Take course of probiotics; to keep this simple- probiotics help to breakdown and detoxify alcohol. Ifyou are low in probiotics (bloating after meals and sugar cravings is a good indication that you are) it means that it takes longer for your body to breakdown the toxins- increasing the likelihood of you being hungover. Here are the ones I recommend and only €13 👌 ⭐️Take Milk Thistle which is a herb that helps your liver break down toxins aka alcohol! I always take this a few days before my night out and the next morning when I wake up. ❗️NB; DONT TAKE MILK THISTLE if you are on ANY medications (including the pill). Milk thistle can stop medications from working.❗️ ⭐️Go for the clear spirits aka Bacardi, gin, vodka etc! Beer, cider and wine all contain yeast. Again to keep things simple our body doesn't like yeast and it can trigger inflammation. Hands up who experiences streaming eyes, sneezing, hives or bloating once they start drinking. If you want to be REALLY good- also avoid sugar mixers too. Go for spritzers; tonic water/soda water and fresh lemon or lime 👌


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