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How to Boost Your Sex Drive Naturally

•S E X D R I V E•

#AskaNaturopath Sex Drive Boosting Tips

❤ Firstly, low libido/no sex drive is SO common- I see it so much especially people in their early 20's and 30's! So you are not alone... here's my top tips 👌 ⭐️Take Zinc; most people who have no sex drive are also usually on the pill or some sort of birth control! To keep it simple the pill reduces the absorption of Zinc and zinc is needed to make testosterone-aka the hormone that makes you wanna you know what! 😉 This is one I recommend and you can buy it from the Clinic here.

Take it with food as zinc can make some people feel sick if taken on an empty stomach!(zinc is also really important for your immune system- so if you keep getting sick this could be why) ⭐️Take Damiana. This is a herb that has a number of sexy features 😂 Like zinc it helps with testosterone production, it helps to balance your stress levels (no one wants to have sex when they are mad stressed out!!) and it also increases blood flow to your nether regions....! You can pick it up as a tea, in capsules or a tincture. ⭐️Finally, (and this might be annoying to hear) but a healthy diet also has a massive part to play- as food influences our hormone production. Ditch the high sugar, processed diets and Increase fibre and omega 3 especially (fruit, veg, fish, nuts)! ❤❤❤❤


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