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Aok Nutrition Hormonal Support

Aok Nutrition Hormonal Support

STEP1: Reduce oestrogen in the body and also reduce testosterone and other androgens.

DIM- This is one of my favourite supplements to use in clinic for hormonal acne, PCOS, facial hair, oestrogen dominance and high testosterone.

DIM (diindolylmethane) is a phytonutrient found in our leafy green veg - broccoli, kale, cabbage, brussels sprouts and it helps to balance the hormones by reducing androgen levels (the male hormones- if you watch my instagram video highlight on acne you will see me chat about this! you can find it here ). You were always told to finish your broccoli - now you know why! 😆 .

STEP2: Remove oestrogen from the body.

Milk Thistle Complex - This lovely little blend of herbs helps to support the liver- the main mode of oestrogen breakdown in the body. **Unfortunately if you are on any medication, including the pill, you can’t take this**

Step 3: Making sure you are getting rid of the toxins/hormones by having regular bowel movements! Hands up who suffers with hormonal issues and also constipation... the two go hand in hand together!

Lots of fruit, vegetables and water should help with digestion.

My main priority is always providing the best advice I can for people, so for this reason I will no longer be selling DIM on our online shop without the milk thistle, as liver support is such an important step in the process. (The clients I see in clinic are different as I always support the liver without them knowing 😆)



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