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Do you need protein shakes?

Do you need protein shakes? I probably get asked this everyday!

The short answer is NO.

The longer answer is that our body needs a certain amount of protein everyday.

If you are working out, especially weight training then you will need a little bit more protein than normal (this is how your body builds muscle aka ‘tone up’).

The catch is: our body doesn’t know if the protein we are consuming is from eggs, chicken, chickpeas or from a protein shake! It’s all being used the same way.

Do you do whatever suits you! (In saying that protein shakes only provide protein whereas other foods will have an abundance of other nutrients too - so opt for real food where possible!)

I generally only ever have a protein shake if I won’t be eating for a while after working out. On days when I come home and have a meal I just to ensure I have plenty of protein on my plate. I also find them really handy if I’m stuck and starving in between clients and need something quick to keep me going- my go to is a protein shake and piece of fruit!



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