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Extreme pain leading up and for the duration of the period

Heavy periods

Pelvic pain at any time throughout the month

Abdominal bloating

Cramping and swelling

Pain during sex

Digestive issues- IBS like problems.

Endo is the absolute worst and if you know someone who has it, you will know how much it affects their life! It’s so important that we have support and compassion too. ❤️

In Ireland it takes nearly 10 years to diagnose Endo, as most women get put on the pill to help with the hormonal symptoms above- (it’s great that the pill can help with hormonal issues but you have to also remember that is masks the underlining issue too.)

Extreme pain when you get your period i.e. missing days of work, unable to do activities, vomiting, relying on pain killers- is not normal and should not be ignored. I send women back to their GP every week to get further tests done, so if you are really struggling with your periods please get it checked out and don’t accept prescription painkillers or the pill as a method of treatment.

Endo is not a hormonal condition like PMS and PCOS. Yes, It’s affected by hormones and excess oesteogen makes it worse - but endometriosis is an inflammatory disease. It’s caused when bits of tissue that are similar to our uterus, grow in places that it shouldn’t- like the ovaries and pelvis. Research is showing that Endo could be a genetic disease- so basically you were born with this inflammatory tissue!

One of the most important things to understand if you have Endo is that it is nothing that YOU did to cause it.

When I see clients with Endo, there are a few steps in the healing process...

Heal the gut

Reduce inflammation

Balance the hormones

Support the immune system

While I don’t know if it’s ever truly curable, my goal is to help to relieve symptoms as much as I can so people can have a normal , pain free life, as much as possible. IBS and hormonal issues are hugely helped with lifestyle medicine- nutrition, stress management, herbal medicine, supplements, exercise etc.

You also need to treat the root when it comes to Endo too, it’s amazing that we have the technology and specialists to do this- (a Laparoscopy is the surgery to remove the inflammatory tissue). And like with every complex disease or autoimmune condition - you basically need to come at it from every angle. Both the medical approach and also the holistic approach too. 🌗

If you need a little more personalised advice on this, don’t be afraid to get in touch! ❤️




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