Natural Hay-Fever Cures

For a lot of people the arrival of summer is bitter-sweet. Yes, it means longer days and (potential) BBQ weather but it also means snotty noses, streaming eyes and itchy ears!! Hello HAY-FEVER!

I swear by these two supplements to help reduce symptoms- they both have anti-inflammatory effects; similar to taking an anti-histamine. You can pick them up in any health shop. Make sure to buy good quality brands. I usually opt for Biocare, Solgar or Veridian.

✔️Quercetin ✔️Omega 3

Nutritionally there are also a few things you can do;

✔️Look for locally grown (harvested?Picked?🤔) honey. The theory is that you are consuming the pollen that your body is reacting to- allowing your body to produce a defense against them. My clients find this great!

✔️REDUCE pro-inflammatory foods; once of the worst culprits is dairy! Caffeine, sugar and alcohol also should be reduced! (Hands up who is sneezing/running nose or eyes after a glass of wine!)

✔️Hot water + lemon to start the day to help break up mucus.

✔️PLENTY of greens. Anything green helps promote detoxification- we want your body working as best it can!!

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