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Simple Trick to Cure a Blocked Nose

Cayenne pepper is a hot spice that is BRILLIANT for sinus complaints. It basically helps clear all the gunk from your nose. (Think about when you have a curry and your nose starts running!).

It works by reducing inflammation in your sinuses- allowing more oxygen to the area. That feeling of your 'head weighing a tonne' actually is pretty accurate when we are all blocked up. Our sinuses are usually filled with air- but when they are blocked up they are filled with mucous. Less air= heavier head!

How to Take Cayenne Pepper?

  • Take 1/4-1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of cold water (I use a shot glass).

  • Wash it down with a large glass of cold water

  • Take it BEFORE eating

  • You can do this x2 day, depending on your own body and how well you can tolerate spicy food!

In Nutrition we actually treat the digestive system in order to get rid of sinusitis... Lots of dairy, wheat and processed foods (typical Western diet!) puts stress on the digestive system as these foods are hard to digest. In response to this our body produces mucous... Hello blocked nose! Hands up who has had numerous antibiotics for sinusitis that either didn't work... or else your sinuses were blocked again a few weeks later! ? This is because antibiotics/medications actually kill off our healthy gut bacteria which are needed to digest food, putting more stress on our intestines which actually produces more mucous, making the sinuses worse! Bit of a vicious cycle isn't it!! Chronic sinusitis is one thing that we get constant referrals from the doctor for, in our clinic! We have brilliant results treating it using nutrition, supplements and herbal medicine. The cayenne pepper is just step 1 out of 10! ⭐️⭐️Be careful taking cayenne pepper with blood clotting medications or cocaine 😂 (seriously though!


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