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How Well Do You Know Your Cervical Mucous?

Cervical mucous - not exactly something you chat about with your girls over a cuppa!

But maybe we should be?

Our bodies are insanely smart. It has so many ways of signaling to us if things are (A)OK and our cervical mucous (CM) is one of these. But how do we know what’s normal if we have nothing to compare it to?

So what does your CM say about you...?

Clear: this is normal CM. Before you ovulate your CM will be clear, jelly like and sticky (think of raw egg whites). It’s good to keep an eye on this to make sure that you are ovulating.

White: this is also normal CM. You might see it white in color after your period and after you ovulate. However, thick white CM could also indicate thrush or infection - usually you will have irritation/itchy to go along with this too.

Yellow: a slight yellow hue is normal and can be a sign of early pregnancy or that your period is on the way! However, if it is dark yellow/green this could be a sign of an STI or bacterial infection like bacterial vaginosis.

Pink: spotting before your period or Implantation bleed is usually bright red/pink - this is normal! However, spotting earlier than day 25 of your cycle can be due to low progesterone.

Red: period is usually dark red! However if you are experiencing dark red blood throughout the month it could be due to a cervical infection/polyp - irregular bleeding should always be discussed with your GP.


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