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Ovulation; Not Just For Making Babies!

Ovulation is the release of the egg from your ovary.

(I don’t want to have a baby, why does this matter to me - I hear you say!?) WELL, let me explain...

We are all pretty good at monitoring our period - if you miss a month, you notice! But we are actually missing the bigger picture...

Our period is like the full stop at the end of a sentence and what the sentence is saying is the important part. The sentence is what comes before and after ovulation.

Our amazing hormone oestrogen kicks in first - oestrogen impacts sooo many things from libido, to energy, to mood, drive, motivation. It’s like our zest for life, it also triggers ovulation.

Once we ovulate, progesterone kicks in. Think of this like your Mother Nature hormone- it helps with anxiety, low mood, PMT symptoms, heavy periods. When you have enough progesterone you feel like you can take on the world, all while multitasking!

However, this amazing hormone is only made AFTER we ovulate. So if you are on the pill or missing periods, you are also missing your amazing progesterone. 😣 (For those of you who suffer with anxiety and have also been on the pill for years please think about this)

Lack of ovulation is one of the main reasons I’m not a fan of hormonal contraceptives! It’s 2021 - surely we can come up with a better method of contraception than switching off our own hormones!

And don’t forget the bleed you get on the pill is not a real period - it’s just a side affect of stopping your pill for the week break! It’s not a bleed as a result of ovulation.

For more you can check out my Ovulation highlight on Instagram here or If you need a little more personalised advice on this, don’t be afraid to get in touch!

I also have an online Seminar 'Making Up With Your Hormones' and I chat all things periods, PMT + Ovulation in this. ❤️



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